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How Backlife Works

Learn How Backlife Gets Results in
Just 12 minutes Per session

Learn How Backlife Gets Results in Just 12 minutes Per session

Like your own personal back pain specialist, Backlife combines the most effective physiotherapies to give you professional grade relief, at the comfort of your home, and it takes only 12 minutes per session (two sessions per day recommended).

Backlife is an easy to use device that creates a gentle circular motion in the lower spine and pelvic area.

Switch it on, lie back and relax as Backlife relieves the pressure between your vertebrae to reduce tension and pain, while improving flexibility and mobility.*

*Results may vary for different users, please refer to our disclaimer.

3 Steps that could relieve your pain.

  • Step 1

    Getting Ready for Your Session

    Set aside 15 minutes in a quiet, relaxing spot. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Remove all belts and any items that may be in your pockets. Use the height adjustment ring and set Backlife to your height.

  • Step 2

    Proper Positioning on the Machine

    • Slowly sit on the floor and straddle the unit with a pillow arranged behind you.
    • Bring the unit close to your body.
    • When the unit reaches your body, lie down and place your legs onto the leg support grooves.
    • Reach your left arm around and turn on the unit.
    • Double check that you are in the right position!!
    • Make sure the unit is snug right up to your bottom for optimum results.
    • Make sure the back of your knees are resting on the leg support grooves.
  • Step 3

    Lie Back and Relax!

    Breath deeply, release your body and mind from the ongoing nuisance of life and let the Backlife's Continuous Passive Motion gently relax and ease those tight muscles as it slowly releases the pressure on your vertebrae. The more you relax, the better your results will be!! So enjoy your 12 minutes of relaxing back therapy. By the end of your session, you should be feeling very relaxed. Once treatment is over, Take your legs down off of the unit and remain on your back for about 2 minutes, then slowly rise up and starts moving, restoring back your motion and vitality.

The Science Behind Backlife

  • Clinically tested

  • Used by Doctors, Physiotherapist and Chiropractors

  • No need for expensive pills or surgeries

  • No hassle going to and from appointments

  • Even more effective than exercise

This noninvasive at home therapy relieves lower back pain caused by years of damage. Try this clinically tested device and get more balance in your life today. CPM techniques are widely used by many of today’s top chiropractors physical therapists, and physicians to alleviate lower back pain. Backlife creates a gentle oscillating motion that eases muscle tension and releases pressure between the vertebrae. As a result, Backlife brings greater mobility to your joints, which decompresses your spine, providing quick relief and unpinching of nerves. This stimulates blood flow to the area, allowing your muscles to relax, and with time, eliminating back pain altogether. Backlife is easy enough to use at home without professional supervision. It takes just 12 minutes (2 sessions per day), and the longer you use it, the greater the results. Just lie back, relax, and let Backlife do its thing.

*Results may vary for different users, please refer to our disclaimer.
  • It's going to change the way we treat back pain. It's an amazing machine.*

    Dr. Marc Darrow MD,
    JD Assistant Clinical Profesor, UCLA

  • I probably evaluate 10 to 12 patients per day, just with low back injuries. Backlife is going to work for 90plus percent of the patients that come in with low back pain. It’s easy to use and really safe and effective.*

    Chris Baker
    Sports Pain Therapist

  • All the patients that I have worked with we’ve noticed fantastic results from the use of Backlife.*

    Dr. Peter Ziegler D.C.
    Back Pain Specialist

*Results may vary for different users, please refer to our disclaimer.

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Client Testimonials*

*Results may vary for different users, please refer to our disclaimer.






As an Athletic Therapist, I see a variety of hip and back problems. Many clients aren't able to stretch or strengthen their back or pelvic muscles when they are stiff due to pain or swelling.

I have found using the Backlife before a rehab workout very beneficial. It's gentle passive oscillatory movement helps to warm-up the low back, pelvis and hip joints so that the client is able stretch or strengthen.

Cheryl Nix

You have asked me to tell you how I learnt about the device and how I feel. The fact is that since I suffer from lower back pain of the vertebrae I am always seeking solutions.

I have visited chiropractors, physiotherapists, pain clinics and done whatever possible, none of which provided much help; the pain continued.

Bina Ofek

I've been operating heavy machinery for over 30 years and I've been driving an excavator for the last 25 years at a gravel pit. Over the years I've tried a number of therapies, hot tub treatments and drug treatments to relieve the pain and provide me with some comfort, none of these have provided lasting relief.

Doug Huber

I am in receipt of your letter dated April 10 requesting me to give you my personal story. I am so pleased with your device that I believe that it is my humanitarian duty to recommend it, to the advantage of those who are unaware that there is a "possibility" of obtaining relief from pain.

Marianne Miller

We wish to remark our satisfaction from your device.

We are the owner of a pilates studio in Denia, Haifa, and we bought the Backlife device in order to assist us during our lessons with clients who suffer from lower back pain.

Rina Mizrachi

I use my Backlife device twice a day, each time for 12 minutes.

If I'm not lazy, I occasionally add weights - anklets each weighing one kilo. I use a stopwatch and enjoy several minutes of relaxation and a painless back.

Since using Backlife, I no longer suffer from back pain and have finished with pain medication. What more can I say than a simple thank you?

Negbi Amira

Doctors Recommended
and Validated

When your lower back hurts, everything hurts. When your lower back hurts, every move you make or do reminds you of how bad that pain is. Typically when there is a problem in the spine, muscles around that area will automatically lock up and if there is pressure there, there will be pain constantly. The pressure has to be released from the spinal canal. When using the Back2Life product, there is a back and forth oval motion and the pelvic cavity is lifted up and then down in a very gentle motion and this will help stretch the muscles in the lower back and will relieve the pressure on the lower lumbar discs that has been built up. The Back2Life product will give relief to any of these cases.*

*Results may vary for different users, please refer to our disclaimer.

Dr. Peter Ziegler, D.C.
Back Pain Specialist

"All the patients that I have worked with we've noticed either fantasticresults down to very good results from the use of this product."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Backlife?

    Backlife is an innovative treatment device and a real breakthrough. It offers an opportunity for self-treatment of back problems anytime and anywhere. The device is programmed to perform conventional and effective physiotherapeutic treatment to reduce back pain and increase mobility.

  • Who Can Benefit from Backlife?

    Backlife is intended to treat and alleviate pain in the lower back or pain that originates from the lower back. Its fundamental motion can help a variety of symptoms and it has proven itself affective in the following cases: A stiff back; Muscle Spasm, Non Specific Lower Back Pain; Degenerative changes in the lower spine; Radiating pain from the lower back along the Leg, Sciatica, Slipped disc, Budged disc, Herniated disc.

  • How does Backlife work?

    Backlife recreates a therapist's touch, gently rotating the legs, lifting the pelvis & aligning the spine. We recommend two Backlife sessions daily, morning and evening for optimal results. However, you should plan your Backlife session according to the intensity of your pain during the day.

  • How is Backlife used?

    Patients lie on their backs in total relaxation, adjust the height of the device for their own comfort, bring it as close as possible to the pelvis, switch it on and rest their arms alongside the body. A Backlife session lasts 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, Backlife automatically switches off.

  • Can I use Backlife at home?

    Yes, Backlife does not require professional supervision. You can use it at home in the comfort of the room of your choice. Before starting a session, place Backlife on the floor. The surface should be hard and flat to prevent it from shifting during a session. Do not place Backlife on a bed or mattress.

  • What should I feel while using BackLife?

    You should feel a gentle circular motion in your lower spine and pelvic area. The soothing gentle motion should ease pressure from between the vertebrae. Your back does not need to be lifted off the floor in order to derive the benefits of BackLife.

  • Is Backlife safe to use?

    Yes, Backlife is completely safe to use. Backlife has undergone extensive testing by experts in the field and is endorsed by leading orthopedists and back pain specialists. Backlife is used by professional back pain specialists as part of ongoing treatment programs for back pain.

  • Where is your disclaimer?

    Click here for Our Disclaimer

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